Windsurf Sail Repairs

We've been making windsurfing sails for 19 years, and in that time we have established an extensive knowledge of the construstion methods involved.

We now offer a repair service using equivelent or, where possible, the same materials. We have a particularly wide range of the specialist cloths used in Ezzy sails.

Kite Repairs

We've been involved in kitesurfing since 2002, and as the materials used in kites and the construction methods are the same as in spinnakers and sails, it's been a natural progression for us to become involved in kite repairs.

Please email for a repair quotation.

Sail and Cover Repairs

We undertake all types of sail and cover repairs, as well as many sail alterations. All work is carried out to the highest standard, using equivalent or superior rmaterials, and we will endeavour to get you back out on the water as quick as possible.

UV Replacement

One very common repair service that we offer is the replacement of the UV sacrificial strip on a genoa. The UV strip on a furling genoa is designed to protect the sail from sun degredation, however, in doing so it will suffer and need replacing every few years.

Sail and Cover Laundry

To prelong the life of your sails and covers, it is essential to have them laundered regularly. Throrough laundering will remove crystallised salt, dirt, and mildew/mould. Areas of more stubborn stains are speceifically treated. We will also check over your sails and covers, and notify you of any remedial work required.